Do I need to rent a car?

Casa Los Dos is located 4 km from the village of Competa and 1 hour from Malaga. That is why we recommend everyone to rent a car to make getting out easier.

A recommended company, honest and reliable is Helle Hollis. With our code you get a 15% discount. Discount code is H11104, to be completed at home owners club. This company is located near the airport. You will be picked up at the airport by a van. The staff is very friendly and very correct!

Is our B&B adults only?

Yes, our b & b is adults only. The b & b is not especially suitable for young children. Everyone is welcome from the age of 16!

How far is it to a beach?

From our b & b it is half an hour to the nearest beach. Another beach in a beautiful bay (half nude beach) is a 45 min drive.

Are there nudist beaches nearby?

Yes, see the information on trips. Here you will find an overview of the nearest beaches and nudist beaches.

Is there internet & telephone coverage?

There is good free internet available in the b & b and even down to the rooms. The telephone range normally is. Sometimes it helps to manually designate Vodafone as a provider. This works perfectly.

Is there air conditioning and fan in the room?

Each room has air conditioning for warmer or colder air and a fan. Extra cost for this is 6 euros per day.

Is there the possibility to use the washing machine?

We have a washing machine and can be used for a contribution of 5 euros Are pets allowed?

Are pets allowed?

We do not accept pets. There are 2 house cats present, Migo and Boio. They should be comfortable.

Do I already have to book tickets?

It is very important that you book tickets for some trips in advance. This is the case for Caminito del Rey and Alhambra in Granada. Definitely book 2-3 months in advance! https://www.alhambradegranada.org/en/info/ticketsale.asp http://www.caminitodelrey.info/en/#2 You do not need this for all other trips. You can always go there.

Can I use a GPS?

We strongly recommend NOT using a GPS to drive to us. Always follow our directions, because GPS indicates the wrong way and on roads that you would rather not want. Our route description can be downloaded from our website.

Do I need a cancellation insurance?

It is recommended to take out cancellation insurance for every holiday. Our invoice must be paid 3 weeks before arrival and if something happens in those 3 weeks that you are forced to cancel, you will receive a refund via this insurance.

Is it possible to eat?

Yes it is possible to have lunch, but just tell us before 11 am. We cook for dinner on Mon-Wed-Fri. Bringing your own food is not allowed.