If you want to relax completely, you can use our massages.

Swedish massage:

The term Swedish massage is mainly used in Dutch-speaking and English-speaking countries. In addition, the term classic massage is mainly used.

Within the Swedish massage, the masseur works almost exclusively with the hands. Techniques that are performed with forearms and / or elbows (or with other means such as feet) – which do occur in other massage forms – are not common in Swedish massage.

The Swedish massage is distinguished by its anatomy and blood flow direction. Good circulation and help with self-healing ability are next to relaxation the greatest goal.

Oil, cream or lotion can be used to reduce the resistance of the skin. It is important to rub it in the palm of your hand first and not to apply it cold to the skin to be massaged.

Cranio sacral massage:

Craniosacral therapy originated from osteopathy. It is a gentle treatment method that focuses on our skull (cranium) and our sacrum (sacrum).

From our head to our sacrum, our brains and spinal cord are in a kind of tube filled with fluid; the brain and spinal fluid. This fluid is continuously transported by our body from the brain to the spinal cord and vice versa. Due to the fluid movement of this fluid, all bone pieces around the socket (skull bones, vertebrae and sacrum) undergo minimal movements, not visible to the eye, but all the more tangible with well-trained hands.
When blockages occur in this system, this can manifest itself in all kinds of symptoms, such as:

stomach and intestinal problems


headache and migraine

lack of energy



psychological imbalance


emotional tension

learning difficulties

concentration disorders

neck and shoulder pain


We can release these blockages through certain techniques so that the balance between body and mind is restored.

Our masseurs are Daniel and Alvaro.